• Brochure Deltafluid - bureau d'étude et atelier mécanique

    Deltafluid Flyer

    You will find all our activities: from our Engineering & Structure and Fluid Mechanics design offices to our manufacturing workshop and our production capacities. Do not hesitate to consult it and ask us for a printed copy that we will send you as soon as possible.

  • Venturi -  dimensionnement et calcul

    Information sheet for flow primary element calculation

    In order to carry out the calculation of a flow measurement element, it is necessary to obtain precise information on your process and the transported fluid. Thank you for completing the attached questionnaire carefully.

  • Catalogue produits Deltafluid

    Product catalog

    You can consult the product catalog in pdf version here under or you can browse through it with the online version (see the slide on Home page or on Company tab / our product catalog)

  • Dimensional control according to ISO 2768 & ISO 13920

    Le contrôle dimensionnel respecte les normes ISO 2768 pour les tolérances générales en usinage et ISO 13920 pour les tolérances des constructions mécano-soudées.

  • NDT table and details

    Non destructive testing we are proposing for the pieces we manufacture are detailed here : the method is chosen depending on the defects to be highlighted by complying with the limits and corresponding standards.

  • Applicable construction codes and standards

    All our devices are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the international standards in force.

  • Straight lengths to be respected upstream and downstream of the primary flow measurement element

    The straight lengths to be respected upstream and downstream of the primary element are mentioned in the standard. They depend on the accessories present on the piping and the ratio β = d/D of the measuring element. We have established here a summary of the straight lengths required according to …

  • Primary element selection guide

    The primary elements can cover a very wide range of flow measurement. This table helps you determine the best solution for your application.

  • Application high turndown ratio with high accuracy

    How to increase the measurement rangeability (or turndown ratio) of a primary element ?

  • Norme ISO 5167

    ISO 5167 standard infographics

    Discover an overview of the ISO 5167 standard, measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure differential devices.

  • Matériaux couramment utilisés


    Here is a non-exhaustive list of the materials we use to manufacture our elements. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a specific material that you don't find in this list.

  • certificat ISO 19443

    ISO 19443 certificate

    *** NEW *** Deltafluid has just obtained the ISO 19443 certificate, demonstrating its desire and ability to provide quality (& IPSN) products & services for the nuclear sector. This ISO 19443 quality certificate from Deltafluid is valid until November 2026.

  • Certificat qualité ISO 9001 - Deltafluid

    ISO 9001 certificate

    This ISO 9001 quality certificate from Deltafluid is valid until December 2024.

  • Terms of Sales

    DELTAFLUID informs you about its General Conditions of Sale.

  • Quality policy

    Deltafluid's quality policy La politique Qualité de Deltafluid is based on a shared culture directed towards our customers who are our absolute priority, towards our suppliers and towards our employees.

  • Safety policy

    Deltafluid constantly makes its best to ensure a healthy and safe environment protecting employees and facilities.

  • Politique Sûreté

    La politique Sûreté de Deltafluid se fonde sur notre culture nucléaire d'entreprise visant à mettre en place un ensemble de bonnes pratiques à chaque étape d'approvisionnement matière, de conception, de fabrication et de contrôle.

  • Environmental policy

    Aware of the ecological issues and, more locally, of the impact of our activity on the environment, Deltafluid has decided to implement specific provisions related to the environment. We are in the process of developing an organizational model based on the ISO 14001 standard.