Multi-point sensor

Measurement with multiple sensors on the same column

The multi-point measuring sensor consists of several sensors of different lengths mounted on the same measurement column; it has the advantage of a smaller footprint than the solution with several independent sensors.
It is designed to give precise and fast temperature measurements at pre-determined levels in containers (tank, separator, column, reactor) or furnaces. It measures a temperature profile and detects hot spots.

Multi-point sensor
Measuring element Thermocouple probe or resistance probe
Protective tube     Special tube if needed
Useful length Different sensor lengths
Number of measurement points Up to 40
Electrical connection Standard or ATEX compliant connection head

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What is the purpose of a multi-point temperature sensor?

When it comes to taking the temperature in different levels in a tank or an oven for example, the multi-point sensor is quite suitable. From an economic point of view and compactness, this solution is better than the installation of several independent sensors. The number of points is chosen according to the needs of your application.

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