Cone flowmeter

Suitable for short straight lengths and low flow rates


  • Standards: ISO 5167-1 & 5.
  • Solder (BW) or flanged connection
  • Material: Standard: carbon steel, stainless, others according to your application.
  • Fluid: liquid, gas, steam.
  • Diameter of pipes: from 50 to 500 mm.
  • Accuracy: 5% of max flow.
  • Repeatability of the measure: 0.1%

ISO 5167-1&5
ReD Reynolds number in pipework 8.104 ≤ ReD ≤ 1,2.107
D Pipe interior diameter     50 mm ≤ D ≤ 500 mm
β* dc,cone diameter where its circumference is greatest 0,45 ≤ β ≤ 0,75(1)
Ra Cone surface roughness  Ra ≤ 5.10⁴.dc
R1 Radius at the max circumference of the cone R1 < 0,000 5.dc ou < 0,2 mm
L Distance between upstream and downstream pressure 50 mm ≤ L ≤ 2.D

* formula β

(1) for β> 0.75, the measuring cone must be calibrated.

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When can a cone flowmeter be used?

A cone flowmeter according to ISO 5167-5 is used in cases where the size of the measuring device is critical: it requires short straight lengths compared to sharp-edge orifice plates for example.