Pyrometric assembly

Suitable for very high temperature applications

The pyrometric assemblies are perfectly suited for high temperature applications: they are complete measuring assemblies with a mineral insulated thermocouple or a ceramic insulated protection and equipped with an outer protective mechanical tube. They are fitted with electrical connection devices and mechanical fasteners.
The ceramic sleeve authorizes temperature measurement up to 1600°C, even 1800°C in some cases.

Pyrometric assembly

Measuring element

Thermocouple probe with lined mineral insulation or ceramic insulation

Protective tube

Metallic or ceramic

Useful length

Up to 2 m

Electrical connection

Standard or ATEX compliant connection head

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Why a pyrometric assembly?

The pyrometric assemblies are intended for high and very high temperature applications. The protective sheaths of the sensor can be of different types: a metal sheath, refractory stainless steel 310 for example, but its operating temperature is limited to a 1200°C peak depending on the type of mounting. For very high temperature applications, the pyrometric assemblies are made with ceramic protections that are defined according to the operating temperature (up to 1800°C), the process environment and the type of thermocouple used.

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