Spectacle blind, spade and spacer

Spectacle blind, spade and spacer

To isolate a particular section of pipe or equipment

A spectacle blind consists of a spade and a spacer which are manufactured for the purpose of installation in one piece. It is used as a safety device to isolate a particular section of pipe or equipment when this section or this equipment is to be inspected or decommissioned. It is different from a valve in the sense that the obturator is considered an isolation device.

Depending on the size and class of flanges, it will be more suitable to offer two separate components (spade and spacer) instead of a spectacle blind to limit weight and avoid handling heavy parts.


  • Standard: ASME B16.48.
  • Mounting between flanges: ISO PN 2,5 to PN 420, ASME 150 # to 2500 #, others on consultation.
  • Material: Standard: 304L / 316L stainless steel, others according to your application.
  • Fluid: liquid, gas, steam.
  • Diameter: according to the nominal diameter of the flange.
  • Operating pressure: limited to the nominal pressure of the flange.
  • All types of faces: RF, RTJ, male or female fitting.
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What are the different terms for a shutter?

A single hollow shutter is also called spacer or ring. A single full shutter is also called spade. Finally a reversible shutter also takes the name of spectacle blind.

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