Information sheet for flow measurement

Information sheet for flow measurement

In order to collect your process data

This form to be completed with all the process data give us all the information necessary to select and size the flow measurement system. 

You just download the pdf document, tick and fill in the corresponding boxes and send us back the document either by the contact form or directly by e-mail.

One of our account managers will come back to you to offer you the most suitable flow measurement solution.

In addition to this information sheet, DELTAFLUID has developped SIZEWELL, a software tool which collects all your process data and gives you in a very visual way and in live all the flow elements compatible with your application.

You can connect to the SIZEWELL tool to quickly have an overview of the recommended flow elements.

All types of flow measurement elements are considered in our technical study. If you have preferences or constraints, please let us know.

You can find below our most frequently asked questions / answers.

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us either by phone at +33 (0)5 59 30 85 20 or via the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

Is there an information sheet to be completed directly online?

Yes, we have developped SIZEWELL, a software tool which allows you to collect all the data used in the flow measurement element calculation process. This software not only collects data but gives you in live and in a very visual way all the flow elements compatible with your measurement need. 

You can connect here on the SIZEWELL software by DELTAFLUID.

The classic information sheet is always available if you do not need results in live but if you prefer providing us with the data so that our design office can take care of the calculation. 

What if you don't have all the necessary information?

Just complete with information available and we will do our best to make at least a preliminary calculation. If the fluid or the mixture is already known and registered, don't bother, we already have all its characteristics.