Pitot tube

Suitable for flow measurement in large pipes, for installations with low pressure drop


  • Standards: ASME MFC-12M.
  • Average measurement over the entire length of the tube.
  • Installation on the pipe: compression fitting, flange ISO PN 2.5 to 420 or ASME 150 # to 2500 #, retractable.
  • Material: Standard: 304L / 316L stainless steel, others according to your application.
  • Fluid: liquid, gas, steam.
  • Diameter of pipes: from 100 to 5000 mm.
  • Precision: contact us
  • Repeatability of the measure: 0.1%
ReD  Reynolds Number in pipework ReD > 1,2.104
D  Pipe interior diameter     100 mm ≤ D ≤ 5 000 mm
L1  Upstream straight length L1 ≥ 7.D
L2  Downstream straight length L2 ≥ 3.D
P  Maximum permissible pressure P ≤ 600 bar
T  Maximum permissible temperature T ≤ 1 300°C
μ  Maximum viscosity of the fluid 0.2 Pa.s

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In which cases can a pitot tube be used?

A pitot tube is often used for large pipe diameters (up to diameter 5000 mm) and for low flows or installations requiring low pressure drop. Indeed, the pitot tube induces only a very low permanent pressure drop and is therefore recommended for this type of applications.