Venturi nozzle

Suitable for large flow rates with low permanent pressure drop


  • Standards: ISO 5167-1 & 3, ASME MFC-3M.
  • Solder (BW) or flanged connection
  • Material: Standard: carbon steel, stainless steel, others according to your application.
  • Fluid: liquid, gas, steam. Diameter of pipes: from 65 to 500 mm.
  • Accuracy> 1.2% of max flow.
  • Repeatability of the measurement: 0.1%.
  • Pressure taps at the neck: annular chamber or individual plugs connected in "triple T".

ISO 5167-1&3 & ASME MFC-3M
ReD Reynolds number in pipework 1,5.105 ≤ ReD ≤ 2.106
D Pipe interior diameter 65 mm ≤ D ≤ 500 mm
d Orifice diameter d ≥ 50 mm
β d/D 0,316 ≤ β ≤ 0,775
Ra Upstream face and throat roughness Ra ≤ 10⁴.d
b Length of the cylindrical throat b = 0,7.d à 0,75.d
φ Diverging angle of exit φ ≤ 30°

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What is the advantage of a venturi-nozzle compared to a venturi or a simple nozzle?

A venturi-nozzle has a rounded inlet like the nozzle, an outlet with a divergent like the venturi. Thus, it is really a mixture between the nozzle, which will generally be chosen to measure high flow rates at high speed and in particular steam flow rates and a venturi tube allowing a low permanent pressure drop and requiring lower straight lengths than the nozzle. Thus, it is suitable for measuring large flows and when the pressure of the fluid measured is low.
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