Our Company


Deltafluid is a French company specialized in designing and manufacturing flow & temperature measurement systems and pressure & flow control devices. Located next to the largest natural gas field discovered in France (Lacq, South-West), the company established itself in the Oil & Gas sector in the early 1970s and then opened up to new markets : Chemistry, Petrochemistry, Energy, Metallurgy, Stationery, Agribusiness, Water and smoke treatment, Aeronautics ...

We develop a complete range of instrumentation products oriented towards the measurement and control of fluids:

- Flow sensors, by primary elements called differential pressure flowmeters manufactured according to ISO 5167, ISO / TR 15377, ISO / TR 11583, ASME MFC-3M, ASME MFC-14M, ASME MFC-12M, ISO 9300, ASME PTC 19.5 , ... standards (orifice plates, venturis, nozzles, pitots and other special flow meters).
Our devices comply with the European PED Directive 2014/68/EU.

- Temperature sensors (thermometers, thermocouples, probes and other special sensors) and thermowells.

- Restriction orifices also called pressure and / or flow limiters (single, multi-hole and multi-stage restriction orifices).

- Regulating accessories such as 2, 3 or 5 way manifolds, differential pressure transmitters, flow indicators, spades & spacers, condensation pots, flow conditioners ...

In 2016, Deltafluid strengthens its know-how in studies and technical advice for the construction and installation of pipelines, pipes and penstocks: flexibility calculation, fatigue behavior analysis, finite element calculation, pipe sizing...

Today, Deltafluid generates more than 50% of its turnover with export.

The company has a representative office in Russia in Moscow as well as a network of distribution partners in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Kuwait.