Compact Flowmeter, DeltaK

Compact Flowmeter, DeltaK

Simple, economical and leak-free installation


  • Standards: ISO 5167-1 & 2, ASME MFC-3M or ISO / TR 15377.
  • Mounting between flanges: ISO PN 2,5 to PN 420, ASME 150 # to 2500 #, others on consultation.
  • Material: Standard: 304L / 306L stainless steel, others according to your application.
  • Fluid: liquid, gas, steam.
  • Diameter of pipes: from 25 to 600 mm (beyond, consult us).
  • Overall measurement accuracy: 0.5% of max flow.
  • Repeatability of the measure: 0.1%


  • the desired orifice
  • integrated compact pressure taps
  • integrated 3 or 5-way manifold or single plate
  • the optional preset differential pressure transmitter
  • the built-in temperature sensor (for temperature compensation) in option


  • Direct mounting of the differential pressure transmitter, no connecting tube
  • Reduced installation and commissioning costs
  • No risk of leakage: device factory-tested, no maintenance



In all cases where the transmitter can be mounted close to the piping (no problem of space or temperature of the fluid) and for the measurement of liquid and gas (the steam requires condensation pots and thus independent impulse lines), the compact flowmeter is recommended. It offers a ready-to-install solution that eliminates the risk of impulse line leakage.

The costs associated with the installation and maintenance intervention are therefore considerably reduced.

The pressure taps are welded and 100% tested, inserted into a tube directly welded to the monoblock port on one side and to the manifold on the other. The differential pressure transmitter should be mounted directly on the manifold.

You can find below our most frequently asked questions / answers.

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What exactly does compact flowmeter mean?

This flowmeter is compact in that the pressure taps are integrated and are directly connected to the manifold and transmitter: no need to connect the pulse taps on the flanges or pull lines to connect to the transmitter (with the associated risk of leakage), simply mount the flowmeter in the pipe and adjust the transmitter for proper operation.

This compact assembly should be used with caution with a high temperature fluid due to the direct mounting of the differential pressure transmitter.

What are the advantages vs. disadvantages of a compact flow meter?

Advantages :

  • connection tubes for impulse taps already connected and 100% tested
  • no risk of leakage
  • direct mounting in the pipework
  • reduced installation and commissioning costs


  • not suitable for all applications (high temperature fluids, remote display transmitter)