Integrated orifice

Integrated orifice

Complete measuring element with special flanges - Suitable for pipe diameters ≤ 40 mm


  • Standards: ASME MFC-14M.
  • Installation of the integrated sharp-edge orifice plate: between special flanges (direct mounting of the manifold and the differential pressure transmitter)
  • Solder (BW) or flanged connection
  • Material: Standard: carbon steel, stainless steel, others according to your application.
  • Fluid: liquid, gas, steam.
  • Diameter of pipes: from 6 to 40 mm.
  • Overall measurement accuracy: 0.5% of max flow.
  • Repeatability of the measure: 0.1%
ReD Reynolds number in pipework ReD > 1 000
D Pipe interior diameter    6 mm ≤ D ≤ 40 mm
β d/D 0,1 ≤ β ≤ 0,8

Plaque à arête vive
Ra Roughness of the upstream face plate               Ra < 1,27 μm
r Sharp edge radius    r < 0,000 4.d ou(1) 0,025 μm
e Orifice thickness e < 0,02.D ou(1) 0,125.d
E Plate tickness E < 3,2 mm
α Downstream bevel angel α = 45° ± 15°
t Flatness tolerance  t < 0,01.(D - d)/2

(1) take the smaller of the two values

An integrated orifice meets the ASME MFC-14M standard for flow measurement in pipework from 6mm in diameter and offers a complete set with differential pressure primary element and upstream and downstream straight lengths for optimum measurement accuracy. It is equipped with special flanges for direct mounting of the transmitter.

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What is an integrated orifice?

According to ASME MFC-14M, an integrated orifice is a complete flow measuring device: it includes the primary measuring element (orifice plate), the special flanges, the corner pressure taps (0/0) and upstream and downstream straight lengths. It is designed to fit directly on small pipes up to DN 40.