Instrumentation and piping accessories

Instrumentation and piping accessories

A complete offer of accessories for a complete measuring system

Many piping and instrumentation accessories are necessary to implement the flow measurement of a fluid in a pipe: the shutters to isolate the existing pipe in case of intervention, the flanges to fix the primary elements and to connect to the existing process, flow straighteners or flow conditioners to stabilize the flow before the measurement but also condensation pots for steam measurement and finally manifold, pressure transmitter always mandatory for differential pressure flow measurement.

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What are the accessories needed to mount with a primary orifice plate or venturi type flow measurement element?

Flanges and seals are the first accessories needed to connect the primary element to the pipework (unless the element is to be soldered to the pipe, of course). Then comes the piping to connect the pressure taps to the manifold (unless it is a compact assembly), the manifold and finally the differential pressure transmitter. Condensation pots may also be recommended if the fluid measured is steam.