Temperature measurement

Temperature measurement

Pt100 Ohm probes, thermocouples, thermowells ...

Actor in the field of instrumentation, Deltafluid offers measurement products in pyrometry. Our range includes thermometers to obtain direct indications of temperature but also temperature sensors (resistance probe, thermocouple, multi-point probe, pyrometer assembly ...) which can be coupled with transmitters.

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This table shows the most used temperature sensors.

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What is the difference between a Pt100 Ohm probe and a thermocouple probe?



Resistance probe 

Pt 100 Ohms

  • very good stability
  • high accuracy
  • excellent repeatability of the measurement
  • longer response time
  • limited in temperature
  • self-heating
Thermocouple probe
  • fast response time
  • operation for high and very high temperature
  • less stable
  • less good repeatability of measurement
  • less sensitive
What do you mean by response time of the probe?

The response time indicates the time taken by the probe to react to a temperature change. It quantifies the speed of the probe. The response time is considered as the time required (in seconds) to go from the initial temperature to 63% of the final temperature. The response time depends on the diameter of the probe (the larger the diameter, the higher the response time) and the type of hot solder for a thermocouple sensor (a hot insulated and protected weld in a sheath will have a higher response time than a hot weld directly exposed to the atmosphere to be measured).