Product catalog

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This catalog has been designed with a technical approach in order to best answer all the questions you may have in terms of: 

- Flow measurement (pressure differential flowmeters & primary elements)

- Flow limitation & pressure regulation (restriction orifices)

- Temperature measurement (sensors & thermowells)

- Accessories

It gives you a lot of technical information relative to our core activities:
- applicable standards and corresponding characteristics,
- materials, coating, traceability...,
- welding, control, test, cleaning... services,
- straight lengths, circularity and roughness requirements according to the standard,

and details some special applications such as the application with a high turndown ratio up to 1:36.

The ISO 5167 version 2022 describes and validates the operation with 2 or 3 transmitters in order to reach a high turndown ratio. Our experts are at your service to give you technical advice on this subject.

You can as well send us a message to receive the printed catalog by postal mail.

We remain at your disposal and can be reached here to provide you with any additional information you may need. 

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