0/0 flowmeter

Flow measurement with corner pressure taps

The 0/0 flowmeter is also called flow meter with pressure taps in the corners. The pressure taps must be flush with the measuring orifice (0 mm upstream and 0 mm downstream of the measuring element).
There are two types of assembly that satisfy this measurement 0/0: the monoblock element or the annular chamber.

A 0/0 flowmeter is a differential pressure flowmeter with pressure taps in the corners. Its characteristics depend on the measuring element considered, the orifice plate or the nozzle.

Two types of mounting make this measurement possible in the corners: the monobloc 0/0 or the annular chamber.

This system of 0/0 pressure taps is recommended for the ISA1932 nozzle and for orifice plates (see details in the corresponding product sheets).

The pressure taps are directly machined in the monoblock, which allows the monoblock to be mounted directly between single flanges (or soldered directly for a soldering mounting) and to connect the pulse taps directly to the monoblock.

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What is the most appropriate pressure measurement for my application?

0/0 pressure taps or pressure taps in the corners allow:

  • either in monoblock version 0/0, to have integrated pressure taps and to be able to use simple flanges for mounting the measuring element (or directly to weld it on the pipework for the monoblock version to be welded)
  • either in annular chamber version, to mount the element between single flanges

The 1''/1'' pressure taps (1 inch is the distance between the pressure tap and orifice plate) or the flange pressure tap are often used for diameters up to DN300. Indeed, it is necessary to mount the orifice plate between orifice flanges which are often more expensive than simple flanges. This price gap increases with the diameter of the flanges, so we will tend to limit their use.

The D - D/2 pressure taps correspond to a high pressure tap located at 1D upstream of the plate and a low pressure tap located at 1/2D downstream of the plate. This type of pressure tap is used for large diameters often beyond DN150 (6 ''). The bosses for the pressure taps are made directly on the pipework, which makes it possible to use simple flat flanges for the mounting of the measuring element and to save money.
The long radius nozzle will always be used with D-D/2 pressure taps.

In any case, it is necessary to refer to the product datasheet which stipulates the types of pressure taps authorized for each product.