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  • a QSE engineer

  • a senior project engineer

  • a junior project engineer

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Our job is to provide you expertise and know-how in studying and manufacturing devices for instrumentation of your processes.

For more than 50 years, Deltafluid has been designing, manufacturing and distributing solutions for flow measurement, temperature measurement, flow control and pressure regulation for industries in the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemicals, Energy, Food, Steel & Iron, Aeronautics ...
The scope of our range allows us to meet the diversity of your needs and your applications.

Pipeline flexibility study

Deltafluid, it is also, for all the piping of your installation, calculations and dimensioning of pipelines, studies of flexibility, calculations of supports of the lines to ensure a good integrity of the pipes of transport of fluid.

Mechanical machining & welded assemblies

Our mechanical workshop covers more than 1300 sqm with an extensive range of machinery of more than 30 turning, milling and drilling equipments to manufacture machined parts. Deltafluid is also specialized in the manufacture of welded assemblies intended to equip the systems or processes developed by our customers.